Why sourcing from china is a better option?

China is a global vendor of exporting goods in bulk all over the world which allows it to be cheap and meeting standards of products internationally. It provides you with a huge variety of options and cost benefits since it works on economies of scale. The varied assortment of goods which China offers is presently not available in India, Europe or USA. Therefore one must opt to sourcing from China to unleash all the benefits for accomplishing your material needs.

What kind of stock does China export?

China is a huge market for complete range of furniture across all categories, right from classical, Victorian, neo classical, modern etc to oriental. The collection includes furniture for hotels, corporate offices, and houses which include lighting, flooring, painting, artifacts, crockery, cutlery, other electronic items accessories curtain rods, and mattresses etc. One can access and source a number of items with great ease and simplicity.

Is China reliable for its product quality?

China produces goods for various standards (high quality to others) for different types of markets like Africa and other under developed markets. Superior quality products are mainly produced for the European market. In markets like India, the number of buyers is high. These are spread across varied demographics. In such volumes, it is usually the price that describes quality. High priced products are taken as high quality & vice versa.

Our company has been a trusted China sourcing partner for long and can help you buy from the right suppliers at competitive rates, availing the best possible deal.

If one needs to join you on your travel program to China, what formalities are required?

We do not provide Travel Programs. But we do provide business invitation letter for visa formalities.

A way to reach China and other needful like accommodation, conveyance etc.?

The simplest way is to board a flight from New Delhi or take a flight to Hong Kong which is 3.5 hours away from Foshan and route to Foshan by a cab, ferry or a sky limo. We can arrange a vehicle for other daily conveyance to factories and malls. We may also help you with your hotel bookings on a corporate rate basis.

Money requirements for 4-5 days trip to China for buying purpose?

1500-2000 USD is a convenient amount for the whole trip excluding your airfares for two people.

From where will we be buying all furniture stuff?

It will be our responsibility to take you to the buying place from where you can select your products. With years of exposure & experience, we help you grab the best sourcing deals at best rates. We take you to malls for selections and assist your visits to factories for varied requirements. If needed, we may also assign you a good English-Chinese translator to ease communication while buying/selecting, who may act and perform on the clients’ behalf in the Chinese market for the price negotiations.

How many and which of the markets will I be seeing in china?

Below is the list of different markets of China:
1. China Furniture Wholesale market / center in Guangdong is the World’s largest furniture market – It is covering a total area approximately 32.3 million square feet and it consists of more than 200 modern furniture building. The ”furniture wholesale market” has extends more than 5km long and was arranged by 12 rows and 20 streets.
2. The World’s largest lighting market – Residential, Hotel& Commercial Lighting like wall light, chandelier, hanging light / pendent light, outdoor lamp, lamp post and others.
3. Building Material market-Basin & toilet bowl, sauna & steam room, Jacuzzi, faucets & fittings, sanitary, tiles & mosaic, floor board, plaster ceiling, PU molding, kitchen cabinet, ply board, gypsum board, railing, wooden doors, glass, stairs case, marble & granite, shower screen, ceiling, wall paper.
4. Textile market Textile for upholstery and curtain.
5. Toys & gift wholesale market – Home decorative items, toy& gift.
6. Watches wholesale market – Watches & clock.
7. Replica handbag wholesale center – Replica handbag, purse and bag.
8. Clothing wholesale market – Clothing.
9. Ceramic wholesale market – Handmade ceramic sculpture, décor and artifact. 10. Plants, tree & landscape wholesale center – Plants, flower& landscape.
11. Seafood wholesale market- Biggest distribution & wholesale center for fresh seafood and processed products in China.
12. Aquarium & marine fish wholesale center – offering marine& freshwater aquarium, UV light, air pump, fish foods, marine commercial filtration equipment and others quality aquatic products.
13. Pets world wholesale center – Live animals& food, toys, treats, cages, apparel, treats, fencing, pets accessories and collars for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and smaller animals.
14. Kitchen supply & hardware market – All commercial kitchen supply, cook ware, pot and pans, hardware, pliers, generator, cable and uniform. In short anything you imagine is available in China.

Will any of the factories from where we buy goods be compensating for any kind of damaged goods?

In case of damage caused by nature, we may get it replaced and for other damages such as damage during shipment, the insurance can be claimed for the same. Shipment replacements can be done in case of incorrect order supply.

We hedge the possibility of damage through redundant inspections performed before exporting. Please note that very minor changes cannot be considered for replacement.

How long does the shipment take?

It takes around 20-25 Days for the whole process of shipment to complete and reach India.

How much will have to be paid for custom clearances?

Custom duty keeps varying from product to product and country to country. Currently the duty is 29.66%.

How may I pay to vendors in China for purchases?

You may directly remit the amount through bank or pay as per the law applicable in the country.

What are the payment terms for purchases?

Custom duties have to be paid in full during the time of shipping. 30% of the amount at the time of placing your order and the rest 70% at the time of completion of the order processes needs to be paid, when it is ready for shipment to India.

If I have to place an order, do I need to go to China and do it?

You can either check the latest stock updates every now and then, or choose an assistant Chinese agent to seek help for new order placement and import procedure handling. For an assistant to process the desired request, you need to email us your requirements for ordering stuff overseas.

‘Who will be assigned the assignment when exported?

It is up to your choice if you want to import the consignment in your name or if you want to get the goods imported for you.

What are the container charges?

For containers, the charges depend on the shipping lines. It is in between 1500-2800 USD for a 40’ container and 300-350 less for a 20’ container.

If I have specific measurement requirement for furniture, is it possible to order accordingly?

Definitely, it can be ordered according to your requirement or may be selected from the standard set of sizes available for the same piece of furniture.

Is the durability of the goods good?

We deal only with the best suppliers in the industry for the supply of furniture and we are quite particular about the quality specifications. Therefore the goods you import will always match the expected quality, depending on the type of budget and material selected.

When can I get the price quotation?

After the client provides complete details of the order, it takes 5-7 working days to receive an order.

Are you the manufacturer or the sourcing partner?

We help you identify the best suppliers. We are not the manufacturers, just your sourcing partners.

What is your prizing model?

We provide you both Ex-factory & FOB rates & remaining expenses at actual.

How can you help me ensure the suppliers’ best quotation?

We require complete set of parameters of your products

Are the products manufactured in China of low quality?

The cost does not decide the quality of product but the workmanship of the labour does. We have built relations with the manufacturers who produce quality, reliable products. You will hence be provided with efficient production system & high standard products.

The products I have ordered will fall on my line of expectation or not?

In the process of delivering services, we double check the goods shipped before sending it to the client so that there is no lapse with your order specifications. To ensure this, we send you a picture of goods and other important documents for order confirmation.